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Transitioning into Fall

The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to change colour, and the weather is getting more and more chilly. This time of year can be a difficult change of pace, especially with winter around the corner. Here are a few more tips to make your transition into Fall a smoother one.

1. Get back into routine:

Often times, our summer is so packed with socializing and vacation time that our routine goes right out the window. This is a perfect time to get back into routine – whether that be beginning a new school year or focusing on work. Set your intentions on setting new goals and achieving them! Don’t forget to include sufficient sleep, exercise, diet, and downtime in your new routine.

2. Your slow cooker is your new best friend:

Experiment with some new recipes using your slow cooker. This is such a low maintenance way to get back into cooking healthy meals. A slight investment of time in the morning dedicated to prepping your food is a small price to pay for having a warm, nourishing meal ready for you when you get home after work!

3. Consider a seasonal cleanse:

People often only think about doing a cleanse in the New Year, but Fall is a great time to add this in. If you need some guidance, feel free to book an appointment, we’d be happy to help!

4. Support your immune system:

With your kids back in school and the weather cooling off, you want your immune system to be in its best state to avoid getting sick. As you probably already know, our Vitamin D status drops significantly this time of year as we spend less time outdoors. Come into the office to get your Vitamin D status tested to make sure that you go into cold and flu season ready!

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